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I was watching an old Thomas Frank video recently that talked about the importance of reproducible templates for many workflows:

According to the video, templated checklists are critical organizational tools for a lot of people–including NASA engineers and surgeons.

This prompted some thinking about my own workflow recently, which has involved making a ton of different machine learning codebases for various ML projects I’m working on. A lot of the code between these projects is boilerplate, stuff that’s repeated over and over. An example would be my config management system (which is pretty slick by the way – I’ll post about that another time). I end up copy pasting the code for it between all my projects, or worse, reimplementing the same thing for every new project. Small inconsistencies between the setup of the different projects also get annoying.

An immediate answer might be “create a python library.” The thing is, these are hard to remix and edit on the fly and customize to your project. I know from my experience with my PDFPlot library – it’s handy but I like to remix and customize it for every project, so the library format isn’t optimal. Instead, I’m thinking of going the route of something like cookiecutter data science, and making my own cookie-cutter template for ML projects. Like a library, this can be remixed and adjusted over time, but also speeds up the process of making an ML project from scratch.

Sauhaarda (Raunak) Chowdhuri
Sauhaarda (Raunak) Chowdhuri
Machine Learning Researcher and Undergraduate Student

My research interests include multi-modal learning, explainable-AI, and few-shot/one-shot/representation learning.

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