Sauhaarda (Raunak) Chowdhuri

Sauhaarda (Raunak) Chowdhuri

Machine Learning Researcher and Undergraduate Student

About Me

I am a machine learning researcher, consultant, and an undergraduate student at the Massachussets Institute of Technology. I’m passionate about machine learning as a tool for effecting positive change. In my free time I enjoy reading Stoic/Buddhist philosophy, stargazing, singing Indian classical music, and walking my dog, Peanut.


  • Explainable AI
  • AI Education
  • Multi-Modal Data
  • Representation Learning
  • Cognitive Science
  • Economics


  • BSc in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, 2023

    Massachusetts Institute of Technology



Machine Learning Researcher - Perception Team

MIT Driverless

Oct 2020 – Present Cambridge, Massachusetts
  • Designing architectures for segmentation and object detection optimized for high speed racing inference.

Assistant Researcher

MIT Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Lab

Sep 2020 – Present Cambridge, Massachusetts
  • Developing new methods for transferable black-box adversarial perturbations for machine learning.

Machine Learning Research Consultant

MIT Lincoln Labs and MIT Environmental Sustainability Initiative

Sep 2020 – Present Cambridge, Massachusetts
  • Collaborating in a high-stakes multi-shareholder process to deliver aerial LIDAR landslide predictions to assist in the creation of environmental solutions for Colombia.

Assistant Researcher

Carnegie Mellon University - Guruswami Group

Jun 2020 – Present Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
  • Led a team to develop efficient AI tools for music analysis, speeding up my prior independent research by nearly 800%.
  • Ongoing efforts towards first-author publication in late 2020.

Machine Learning Research Consultant

Peptide Logic

Feb 2020 – Present San Diego, California
  • Designed a pipeline for mouse behavior classification with deep learning to automate data annotation for a neuroscience drug discovery program supported by NIH Grants.
  • Ongoing efforts toward a first-author publication covering the novel techniques in this approach.

Assistant Researcher

Caltech Aerospace Robotics and Control Laboratory

Jun 2019 – Aug 2019 Pasadena, California
  • Conducted research using reinforcement learning to direct quadcopters to herd bird flocks away from airports/no fly zones, and investigated other leader-follower control problems with reinforcement learning.

Graduate Level Assistant Researcher

UC Berkeley DeepDrive

Apr 2017 – Jun 2018 Pasadena, California
  • Implemented a novel modal insertion method to allow a single deep neural network to learn several distinct “behavioral modes” of operation simultaneously for autonomous driving and published this research.
  • Adapted SqueezeNet network from ImageNet to perform regression based driving tasks.
  • Managed code repository and transferred Caffe repository to PyTorch/H5PY Training repository.
  • Migrated RC robots from TX1 to TX2 and Qualcomm Snapdragon Flight platforms using ROS control system.


Kyoto Prize Scholarship

One of three $10,000 scholarships awarded to students in San Diego and Baja California.
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Best Paper Award

This best paper award was selected by conference chairs.

Making Best Use of Data Award ($1500)

Top special award of $1500 given by GoDaddy for my novel use of data augmenetation methods at the International Science and Engineering Fair (ISEF).
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Special Award - 3rd Place ($800)

Special award of $800 given by Acoustical Society of America for my novel use of data augmenetation methods at the International Science and Engineering Fair (ISEF).
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Improving Deep Neural Networks: Hyperparameter tuning, Regularization and Optimization

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Convolutional Neural Networks

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Neural Networks and Deep Learning

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Structuring Machine Learning Projects

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Introduction to Computer Science and Programming Using Python (6.00.1x)

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Posts and Projects

COVID Danger Meter

Project submission for HackMIT 2020.
COVID Danger Meter

Segmenting Aerial LIDAR Data

I segment some LIDAR data from an interview with MIT’s ESI Group.
Segmenting Aerial LIDAR Data

Seeing What a Gan Cannot Generate

This is an illustrated summary of the paper Seeing What a GAN Cannot Generate
Seeing What a Gan Cannot Generate


A tour of my first python package designed to help people better organize plots for their big projects.